making billy lunch

he doesn’t really go by billy, i thought it looked good up there in the subject line.

my husband and i are in what is called a DINK category.  dual-income-no-kids.  really?  can’t it be something a little hipper, like … the RELATE category?  really-enjoying-life-and-the-energy.  that was lame.  anyhoo…

our nephew has been staying with us for several weeks and we’ve had so much fun.  he’s 20, in college and doing an internship here in big d.  what a hard working, fun and outgoing guy.  but other than having him around, i love making him lunch!  is that something that moms get to do every day?  it’s a responsibility i have found i like.  he leaves for work at 7am and returns around 7pm and always comments on my sammie.  honestly,  it’s better than “nice hair” or “cool dinner”.  he’s like “i loved that bread you used today” or “did you mix salad dressing up with the lettuce – cool!”   for the first time yesterday, ROF sheepishly asked “will you make me some lunch today?”  ha!  sure, I’ll make anyone a sammie.  i guess i’m pretty good at it. 

check out this SWANK cutting board I got for a wedding gift.
More tomorrow-

Anyone have any other acronyms for married-happy-no-kids that works?


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  1. Oh Amy, I have made thousands of lunches. I have gone through phases of loving the chore and hating it. When I get lazy at making my husband’s lunch he has said, ” not much love in my lunch today.” I also cried all three times that I made the last high school lunch for my kids. Making lunch can be an art form and an expression of love. Thanks for making Billy’s lunch, quite sure he is feeling the love.

    1. That made me smile … so I am not crazy in liking making the lunch! ROF usually eats out with clients so I don’t get to have the “joy” in making it until now. Love u Susan!

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