5 lovely links (you’ll love)

i’ve replaced a weak TV viewing habit with an on-line, purely digital habit.  in case you’re wondering, i still watch taped Barefoot Contessa shows a lot.  that obsession is another blog post.   i think you’ll be interested in some of the things i’ve found on-line.

1. check out lonny magazine’s latest issue.  287 on-line pages (free!) of great, hip design and fun commentary.

2. 1 kind design has this incredible rustic barn i can not get out of my mind and other houses.  Great site!

3. there are some  local websites that give you cool places to go, drinks to drink, scenes to be seen.  here are a few of them (they all count as one – bonus!)


Daily Candy

Living Social

4. Extra Virgin:  tv cooking show and website with actress debi mazar and husband

5. last but not least, check out this site for some very unusual but interesting artwork!

hope you enjoy these!  until tomorrow, my friends


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