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once again, for your weekend reading enjoyment, i’m featuring some fantastic magazines that are on-line now.  flip your screen view on FULL SCREEN and rip through these pages because there is some good stuff!

1. matchbook – june edition is red hot!  i love all the features here.

2. sweet paul.  this one is new to me and oh so fun to breeze through!  144 pages of lush colors and ideas.  paul started writing a blog

but then morphed into an on-line magazine.  so you get both – the blog and the magazine.

these are cookies!

3. and here is my beloved domino magazine resurrected on-line in the form of lonny.

4. lastly there is rue magazine.  there are probably a lot more, so not really “lastly”.  super bright and cheery.  i love this one a lot.  check it out.

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