i want what i want when i want it

what do you want?

I’ve been challenged by a handsome fellow whom shall remain nameless with the question WHAT DO YOU WANT?

that question is not pertaining to marriage, but it could.  what do you want?

with your health?  
with your house?
with your career?
with your family?
where do you want to go on vacation

do you have that voice in you?  or has it been smooshed out?   you may think “that’s ok, i’m a mom/dad and i’m now about my kids and my husband/wife”.  having done no research on this answer, i will say that you’re wrong.  the only way anyone around you can grow and learn from you is if you know who YOU IS.  say that 5x fast.    it’s a hard question to answer the older you get.  i think your hopes, dreams and wishes get a little smuggled.  even i struggle with that question.  and i have a strong point of view on things.

the question is not:

what do you think is right
what do you think your spouse will like the most
what have you always done
what do you know
what is in
what is cool
can you do it
does it make sense

it’s what do you want.  the reason that question is so hard to answer is because in order to answer it, you need to be vulnerable.  you need to be able to put it out there and not pull it back if it gets criticized – after all it’s what you want.

ok, so i’ve put together a little test for you.  you need to answer the following questions but the deal is this – you need to answer honestly WHAT DO YOU WANT (promise me):

the best vacation in the world would involve these three things:

if you could be anything in the world, what would you be?

my perfect day would play out like this…

you have $1000 to spend on yourself, what do you buy for yourself?

i’d love to hear your answers.  put them in the comments below or email them to me.

love the magazine fast company and found a great article on why this is so challenging.  read it, you’ll like it!

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  1. Great post, and the article in fast company mag was good. I like law number 12 – Make your decisions the way senior citizens wish they had. Be more reflective,take more risks, and find your fullfilment factor.

    To your questions: Best Vacation includes – my wife, my kids, and my camera; Be Anything – I want to be an inspiration to others; Perfect Day – rent out the Angelica movie theater, invite my friends, and watch The Cowboy and the Lady ( Gary Cooper – 1938). Thanks Amy for making me reflect!

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