best chicken recipe ever. like ever.

i’ve had this blog for two years now, and you need to know that this has been my most popular blog to date.  like off the charts.  so now, i’m going to repost the heck out of it.

just kidding.

this is my sister-in-law’s recipe that i have made and can attest that it is so delicious.  don’t go get that burger king for dinner tonight, print this out and make it.  let me know how it is.

& susan, can’t wait to see you soon!

trish’s italian chicken and love roll ups

thin sliced chicken breasts

mozzarella cheese, sliced


egg and water, beat

bread crumbs


parmesan cheese


marinara sauce (I buy prepared or you could make your own, lol)

roll thin chicken and a slice of cheese and secure with a toothpick. dredge each roll in flour, then egg and water and then bread crumbs. place rolls in a baking dish, sprinkle with parmesan cheese and put a small pat of butter on each. you don’t need to add love separately, if you have gotten this far, it is already in there.

bake @ 425* for 20-25 minutes. cook the pasta separately and heat the sauce.

i add a vegetable or salad and italian bread for a yummy meal. this is my husband mike’s and my son bill’s favorite meal. i have made it for them many times. i have also made it ahead of time for a buffet, to pop in the oven for 50 people. the point… it is easy and a good recipe for few or many.

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