5 lovely links (you’ll love): orange is it

lately, i’ve been inspired by everything orange. 

is it because i’m desperately wanting october to arrive?  orange reminds me of the fall leaves that we do get, believe it or not, here in the big d.  or maybe orange reminds me of the morning which is my favorite time of the day.  the sun coming up…orange juice.  whatever it is  – orange is my color pop of choice.  not surprisingly, i don’t have a lot of orange in my house.  i’ll have to change that.   but here are 5 links to some cool pops of the color that i call my favorite:

print of chinoiserie chair by Anne Harwell

these are from the one, the only wisteria.   wisteria is located here in dallas.  and i am a fan.  my husband ROF, has been known to say to me “we don’t need anything” which is really always a true statement.  however the definition of the word, NEED, varies considerably depending on who you talk to.  right? my definition of NEED is very similar to the terminology of WANT.   which brings me back to wisteria.  oh wisteria.  this is a very high fahluton catalog with great stuff you’d have to be stupid to pay full price for.  the wisteria outlet is very close to me and i have gotten some very unbelievable deals there.  i also can walk into anyone’s house and tell instantly if they’re a fan.   call it a gift i have.  then we talk a language foreign to any non-wisteria fans.  kinda cultish.

decorating with orange is fun as an accent color. 

if i NEEDED new artwork, this is what i’d get.  to your left is a vintage horse poster from stories divinations i would frame and hang and then throw this great pillow (on your right) on the chair on the other side of the room.  these pillows from erin flett are fantastic.

finally but not leastly…

i want these so bad.  since ROF and i make a big deal about our morning coffee i love these retro espresso mugs with the splash of orange to pop out of the BROWN.  oooohhhh.  i can see us using these right now.  love-er-ly.  thank you jo and sonja for finding these.

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