What I’m Reading Right Now

24 Feb

1. ATOMIC HABITS by James Clear

I believe that it’s important to be aware of your habits so that you can introduce new ones – ones that instill a healthy mindset.

I’m very aware of certain habits I have that I want to change. They are hedonistic habits that I’ve had a long time. I can see these some of these habits in my parents and even to some extent my grandparents. It’s that “If it feels good – do it” attitude. If one glass of wine tastes good- three would be better. Or I’ll stuff myself on 3/4 of a steak vs only be satisfied with 1/2.

Full confession. Geez. Don’t judge.

This book is a life changer. Especially if you want to be more aware of your habits;

I bought this book on tape and have listened to more than half of it. Then I bought it because I want to highlight and make notes.

I’m such a 🤓. Buy it here.

2. Ladders Article

Ladders.com or on The Medium app is always good for a jolt of realistic advice. Read it here.

3. On the Blogs, I’m reading this:

Really want to make this.

Reading about her struggles with anxiety was very interesting because I would have never guessed she had any issues. I met this blogger a few years ago when I attended her photoshop class. I love this piece on her way to show self-love.

There is something about peeking in other women’s purses that is fascinating to me. Like I’m going to find something revolutionary or something. And I’m talking about articles like this – not me actually peeking in purses.

I’m so excited! I can’t believe this collaboration.

This is how I’m going to lose weight. Love this girl.

Anyone want to try this workout with me? Not in the same room, but you know, streaming online. I’m a bit obsessed with this woman on IG.

Make it a great week!

What do you think?

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