weeks and weeks in review

have i really been gone this long?  

did you miss me?  i miss me!  just kidding – i’m having a ball.  stressful but a ball.  you know why?  well, i’m going to tell you… i love what i do.  and i love my life.  is that cheesy to admit?

hell-o no.

because i’m the appreciator!  i can appreciate any damn thing i want. <you go girl!>   truly, i have the best job, work with the best people, clients, dealers and partners in the world.  i am married to the love of my life.  just when i thought i was doomed to a life filled with just a career (yawn) in comes my lovely, loving husband who is the most thoughtful person i know.  and he brings with him a sister and brother-in-law and niece and nephews too wonderful to describe (or they might get big heads. ha)  And then there is my family, mom & katie and my long lost brother whom i hope will come back to us someday and whom i love unconditionally.  but couldn’t ask for a better mom or sister ever.  i’m so happy.  on top of all that i get to go to NYC for a full week next week.

here are some pics from over the last two weeks i’ve been gone.  in case you don’t know, i’ve been traveling every weekend to events i championed with my agency with chevrolet called the chevy sonic adventure.  we’re hitting 27 cities in an “amazing race” like race around the city answering questions about city landmarks, the new chevy sonic and creating awareness for breast cancer too!  i’ve been to minneapolis, duluth and cleveland.  love all those cities.  here you go:

my best friend katie from college. haven't seen each other in 15+ years! we're in cleveland
two brothers who won the race in the rain in duluth. very exciting
crowd at chevy sonic adventure in cleveland
is this team prepared or what?
competitors playing together to win
cleveland winners. when asked who they are going to call first, they said "Facebook!"
katie and i went to lola in cleveland. raise your hands if you've had the beef cheek pierogis?

hope you’re all having a great weekend!

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  1. 1. I missed you!
    2. Love todays post and love, love the pictures, especially the pink haired winners who called facebook.
    3. Big head, yea maybe.
    4. Can’t wait to see you in just 5 more days!!!

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