tips to be a savvy traveller.

19 Oct

as many of you know, i travel a lot.  there are people that travel more than me and less than me, but let’s just say, i’m on the road.  when i am there are some companies and techniques that will make your travel life much easier.

1. UBER.

we’re in chicago right now and on our first full day, have used UBER already 6 times.  here is why you don’t want to be one of those tourists waving down a taxi in the middle of the street (so uncouth!) in any big city.

  • download the app to your smart phone.  fill out all the information including your credit card.
  • turn on your gps locator finder.
  • when you’re ready for an UBER car, just hit the button.  you can see where the cars are
  • they are not pizza soaked, weird smelling yellow cabs. they are lincoln mkt, cadillac escalades and better.
  • the drivers are in dark suits.  the cars smell new
  • since you pressed the button, they know where you are and you will get a text message on when they are going to get you.
  • UBER it far, UBER it close, doesn’t matter but you must do it!
  • there is no cash exchanged.  none.  no tip either!  all via your cc they have on file.  you get receipt instantly emailed!


if you must drive, then don’t use any other company other than national rental car.  they did not pay me for this post.  but there is no better rental car company out there.  gone are the days of waiting in line for what seems like HOURS while they endlessly punch buttons.  it’s easy to get status with them.  then you don’t need to do anything but make an easy on-line reservation, then by-pass the counter, pick a great car and get in it and drive off.  easies experience hands down.  shame on you for going anywhere else!


if you are going anywhere for 2 days or less, don’t bother checking your bag.  it’s a waste of time when you go to the airport and when you leave.  with hard core business travel, it really is a sign of weakness to check.  here are my security line tips from someone that is very picky about how you go through the lane.

  • if you are organized, you do NOT need to start unpacking all your stuff right there with the stack of bins. ANNOYING!  sorry, did i say that out loud?  you know, the type that is just so excited to take off her shoes and belt and drop her computer in a bin that she stands there and does it right there at the go?  holds everyone up.  don’t do that.  in fact, don’t do jack – just grab two bins – then slide them up until you’re almost to the point of throwing everything through the black tunnel.  the security person will start barking all the orders, KINDA directed at you, but you have done nothing except kept the line moving behind you.  and they’ll thank you.  then in one move – lift your computer out and put into one bin and put your shoes and purse in the other bin and shove it through.  there.  EASY.  don’t tell anyone but you don’t need to remove your baggie of stuff.  i never do.  i don’t know why they say that!


don’t be afraid of the best airlines out there.  they are the way they are because they move fast, they are friendly and they don’t take any bs.


this is a little bit of a no-duh one, but YELP when traveling won’t lead you wrong.  yes there are stupid people who leave stupid reviews.  yes, you have to do some digging.  but the bottom line is that crowd sourcing works.  if the majority of people dig the restaurant, then go.

there – you’re prepared.  now go!


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