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wine night fight night

30 Sep

this past thursday, we were the guests of our friends demian and lauren at scardello cheese store for a “showdown of the wine reps”.

the concept was this: the store has terrific wine reps that visit the store and thought it would be a good idea to pair them against each other.  a bit of a throwdown, you could say.  so 3 reps brought 4 bottles of their best wines and scardello paired them with some outstanding cheese.  each rep told us the story of the vineyard and the wine and we – along with about 30 other people – got to vote after each of the 4 rounds.  the winner was crowned with a hat of wine corks.

what a fun evening.  got me thinking how fun this would be to do at home.  have three couples over who each bring their favorite bottle of red, white and sparkling.  we have to sell our wine to the other couples and then there is an overall winner.  the only problem with that is that we’d all vote for our own wine.  that could be an issue…

maybe i need to think about this a minute.  any thoughts?

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