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dreaming of taking off

29 Mar

is that wrong to say?

i mean it’s such a big deal to be so busy nowadays.  at work at 7am, staying till 7pm, travel here, travel there, phone buzzing, ringing, pinging.  can’t meet with you until may, june, july.  busy for some reason has gotten the bad rap of meaning productive or maybe even – dare i say – popular.

i’m one to always try and bump the norm but i don’t do too well in this regards.  i fall into the busy trap.  i read an article once that really caught my attention.  it said that we train our minds and ourselves to work at a certain level.  that sucks.  i’ve totally done that.  i run best when running hard… or busy.

let’s stop.

let’s stop being busy and putting ourselves second, third, fourth or fifth.  let’s banish the phrase “i haven’t used all my vacation days and it’s december and i have 22 days left”.  that is not to be rewarded.  everyone needs to recharge, rejuice and revive.  ya know why?  because all you’re being busy for is this:

i will never forget being at my dad’s funeral – 7 years ago this September – and seeing all the GM folks and thinking back on how work ruled my dad’s life.  moving us to 8 different cities, always on voice mail (that was the thing back then) during vacations (!), stressed about this and stressed about that (kind of sounds like me, harumph).  i remember screaming in my head- HEY GUYS WE’LL ALL BE HERE ONE DAY!  DON’T FORGET!

but we do forget and … we get busy and time goes by.  i don’t want to live that way but i think the problem is that there aren’t a lot of alternatives.  yet.   when i get some time, i’ll try and think of some.

check out these places to relax.  nice…

is anyone going anywhere fun?

5 lovely links (you’ll love): relax why don’t you?

13 Sep

i don’t know about you, but i love tuesday’s “5 lovely links” because it is fun finding them.  yesterday was so stressful (it was a monday) and so i decided to give you 5 links to help relieve stress.

tech note: oh yea, my mom wanted me to give a shout out to all of you who are receiving this via email.  click at the top of the email and you’ll be transferred to my actual blog.


the best thing to do to relax is to take a break or a vacation …but wouldn’t we be less tense if we took a little 5 minute break every hour or two to just refocus and clear our heads?  kinda like a “smoke break” in the mad men era.  i think so.

link #1

is called moodturn.com and you can check it out here.  this is a website that will turn your desktop into a sweet oasis.  now, i can’t say that i would listen to this at work but at home I can listen to the rain while working on something and because we haven’t had any in, like 4028, days it sounds pretty calming.  ahhhhh… but it also made me have to go to the bathroom after listening for a while. tee hee.

link #2

i don’t know who “angelcrack” is but he created a lovely relaxing playlist on 8tracks.  listen to it here.  it is appropriately called “calm down, bro”  how funny is that?  i most certainly did,bro.

link #3

ok, you’re for sure going to say “whatchatalkinaboutwillis” here.  but trust me.  let’s say you are in dire need of relaxation because you’re putting in 12 hour days at the office.  then you need to try this.  guided meditation.  i first was introduced to this when my dad had cancer and i was looking around on itunes for something for him to relax and found something similar to this.  must listen to this laying down with eyes closed.  don’t be afraid.  there is nothing hocus pocus about this.  it is just a mental break.  you can’t do this with ROF because he makes me giggle endlessly.  there is a british guy who is like the best at this named glenn harrold – which is who dad and i listened to – and ROF imitates his voice which cracks me up.

link #4

here is  a top 50 list of ways to relax.

and lastly,

link #5

i did this for only a moment, but very relaxing.  choose a fish on the left and they follow your mouse!  make them jump and twist.  relaxing, right?  i may have ‘jumped the shark’ with this one.  (sorry i couldn’t resist!)

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