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it’s not a mess, it’s creative!

27 May

ask my mom. 

ever since i was in high school, i felt the need to be surrounded by creativity.  not mine, but others.  there is something about having it all around me – where i can see the details from wherever i am in the room.  what do i deem creative?  where he’s a short list:

kick ass photography – mainly fashion or decor
color – varies depending on mood.  black/white, pink, red, baby blue)
people who inspire me (audrey, diana, diane, woody)
people who i love (rof, dad, mom, sister
quotes (it’s not who you are that holds you back.  It’s who you think you’re not)
dreamy landscapes and beautiful decor

so, like i’ve said in the past, i love to rip everything out of magazines and collage them up on a board.  In high school, i did this in my bedroom to every wall from top to bottom.  i may have been the only one that thought it was cool.  but – as you can see – i’m not the only one according to the latest on-line mags.  like these images from domino small spaces:



so this weekend, while ROF was at the indy 500, i had the need to get creative.  side tracked<so much of our daily life is not creative.  status meetings, details, expectations.  let’s hover on expectations for a minute.  at work, i strive to exceed expectations.  my own, my clients, my peers.  does anyone know how exhausting that is?  i’m sure you do.  when you are being creative or just simply being inspired – there are no expectations except for you to trust your style. lovely>

so i grabbed my trusty scissors, about 50 magazines i had laying around, some books that never get opened and an xacto knife.  i snagged properly a rather large and ugly old bulletin board and got to work. have to say, i’m in my element when i’m doing this.  took me back to high school again.

IMG_1343 IMG_1356

IMG_1354 IMG_1356


i love it!

appreciating doing something other than work

17 Dec

so i started thinking

before i started writing this blog, that i’d write about hobbies and my lack of having one.  however, during the real in-depth research i do for every post, i discovered – HA! – i actually have several. i’ve also discovered that i do not like the word hobby.  maybe because it reminds me of holly hobby and i always thought she was stupid.  but also the word hobby doesn’t really do what it means justice.  case in point, if you like designing grand pieces of abstract art that demonstrates your radical existential viewpoint on life but you don’t make a living at it, is that your…hobby?   i guess so.


i guess a hobby i have is photography.  i don’t have the fancy cameras, in fact, my phone will work just fine.  i love capturing everything.  what i think is important is then transferring those photos to something tangible like a book.  i haven’t gone that far yet.  with my photos, i like to capture a city’s beat or pulse.  i like to capture moments and make them look pretty.  for some reason, this year, i love capturing in-flight photos.  maybe because i appreciate God’s ability to get me up in the air and give me a glimpse of the earth from 15,000+ feet. i also like ‘slice of life’ photos – for the same reason i like woody allen’s slice of life movies.

big boy

so that’s photography.  now

my other love, which kinda links into yesterday’s post on home offices, is to make collages.  and don’t use that term …what do they say?… can’t think of it now but it’s some french term.  who knows what i’m talking about?  DECOUPAGE (just thought of it) it’s not that.  i like collages because i liked ripping stuff out and blowing up pictures and putting it all together as one big thing I like made of small things that i like.  does that make sense?  here is my work i’m so proud of.  it hangs in our extra room…

these are two panels and include:

photographs taken when katie and i went to stay at the broadmoor resort in colorado after dad died – just to get away, photos of chicago landmarks for me, snippets from magazines and things that i like.  i need to do more and have been inspired by the work done by eva :

lastly, a hobby i want to be able to do – actually two – one is sew and another is knit.  i found some cool knitted stuff on etsy:

i love all of these – what a unique yarn scarf above and the mug warmer – adorable!  you can get more info here on all of these etsy finds.

so – what hobby do you do – or what do you want to do?  XXOO

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