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appreciating: true deliciousness

12 Jun

sometimes you just gotta say…. WTF.

i’m going to share with you one very rare indulgence that must be lifted up in appreciation.

it’s not sushi

it’s not hummus

it’s not celery with almond butter

it’s not a skinny-no-whip-vanilla latte




the mcdonalds bacon-egg-cheese mc fatty fat griddle.  

look at that piece of deliciousness.  420 calories and a whopping D+ on the nutrition charts.  but this, my friends, is lick your lips delicious.  the crisp, salty bacon laying gently across the not melted cheese with that sting of cheddar held together by eggs and two sweet and maple tasting pancakes.  crispy, salty & sweet.  all the right food groups

if God said that we could eat anything we wanted for an entire day and not gain any weight, I would put on a wig, dark glasses, a scarf around my hair and hunker down in mickie d’s.  don’t look down your epicurious nose at me.  have you tried?  hey wait – looks like paris hilton feels the same way…

(picture courtesy of http://www.buzzfeed.com/melismashable/celebrities-eating-mcdonalds)

if you agree with me, put your hands in the air and say AMEN!

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