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hope i get around to this…

4 Mar


impromptu little post tonight coming to you live from Erie, PA.

sitting in my picturesque (not) hotel room looking out on a walmart parking lot.

just wanted to paint that pretty picture for you.

so i really bug myself because i have so many ideas and such little time.   here are some of my ideas that i hope i get around to soon:

  • yoga + wine at my house with my friend, JG, as the instructor.  this is actually going to happen in april and i can’t wait.  because i just attended my first yoga class this week and i’m in love.  namaste, my friends.  really didn’t know i could do that, but i can.  bend, that is.  i think we may drink wine first and do yoga second.  nah, just kidding.
  • “blurb club”  this is a play off of the good ole “book club.” because bite size is how we roll nowadays.  books are for vacation and early morning business reading (ok, i disagree with that statement but i’m going with it.)  we’ll read an article that will be edgy and evoke all kinds of point of views, then just like book club, we won’t read it and come together and drink wine.  kidding again.  i think this is more doable.  maybe our first article will be this.  or this.  of course, we’ll nibble on something  healthy like this or this.  nah, let’s go for this!
  • cards – why don’t people play cards anymore?  my mom has so much fun playing bridge 100X a week with her friends, what is my generation (X) going to have to do?  beer pong club?  seriously.  cards keeps your mind sharp.  plus you’re not just sitting around staring at each other, your playing cards! chatting it up, yaking it up – etc, etc.  i don’t know how i’m going to pull this one off, but the answer may be – neighbors.  if you just have to walk across the street or down the street then maybe people are more apt to commit.  then again, it took 18 emails to plan a group happy hour last week that eventually got cancelled.  how will i ever get this off the ground?  ideas?

that’s it for now.  off to sleep.  have a great wednesday.

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