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How to Tie a Summer Scarf

3 Jul

The other day, I cleaned out my scarf drawer that contained literally THOUSANDS OF SCARVES.  I folded them somewhat the same and made the drawer look so nice.  But in going through all those scarves, it made me mad to think I could only wear them in the fall or winter.  Why not summer? ok, maybe not the heavy plaid ones, but the light linen ones?  But how do you wear one when it is hot out and you really don’t want something heavy around your neck?

First of all, this video is a little dated but my favorite video ever on folding a scarf.  Yes, at one point in my life, I did follow along and tie all the ties.  Subscribe to Wendy’s IG or blog – she’s awesome.

Second of all,  these are some great looks!


This is from The Darling Detail.


Then there is this from GlamRadar.com

I’m digging it.  Might give it a try.  Will probably last 5 minutes around my neck, just sayin’.

I LOURVE this one by Lands End!  Plus I think I’m going to buy the scarf!

There you go!  Now go and be safe this mid-week holiday celebration.

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