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1 Mar

so kicking off a short series called facebook friends.  i had this idea when i had pneumonia.  i’ve so enjoyed (appreciated) reconnecting with friends but it is such a shallow connection in a way – sometimes.  so i decided to dig a little deeper.

today, i’m talking to jill wenta.  jill is married to gerald who was (is!) a  friend of mine at the end of high school and through college and beyond.  jill and i went to the same high school but gerald went to another school.  gerald was actually the first person i met when i moved to naperville from milwaukee when i was going to be a junior in high school.  so happy to get to know  jill better  & reconnect with gerald.  they have a fantastic family (including a bulldog!!)

thanks for sharing, jill!

the wentas

1. how do you know “the appreciator” ?

Amy is the first friend of Gerald’s that I met when we started dating. We were on our way to a party and stopped to have a drink before.

2. tell us a little bit about your family.  include details like work, what you do for fun together?

We have been blessed with two beautiful boys to raise and one beautiful son in heaven to watch over us. Gerald, the boys & I love family time. We like to bike, hike, camp, road trip, the beach, and just hanging out at home. Gerald and I both graduated with a degree in Landscaping. We have owned our own landscape business in South Florida for 12 years.

3. what are three passions you have as a family and/or individually.

We all love to take road trips together. Our animals are very much a part of our family ~they go on trips with us if possible, and all of us really enjoy anything outdoors.

4. tell us about a favorite party you’ve thrown

Any social gathering that we have with friends is  always casual. To us, the most important part is enjoying the time with them and catching up after weeks of crazy busy schedules!

5. if your family had to vote on a favorite, homemade dinner, what would it be?

Steak, mashed potatoes, broccoli & a yummy chocolate dessert

6. do you have any vacation plans this year?

No, we are very spontaneous. Because we own our own business we need to schedule trips around landscape installations. We do like to take quick weekend trips close to home.

7. if your family could have starred in any movie which movie would you have wanted to star in?

Christmas Vacation!

8. what is the best room in your house?

The main area of our house is a TV room/ dinning room/ kitchen ~ it’s all one big open area. We LOVE it because no matter where we are we are together. If it gets loud we send the boys to their playroom.

9. what is a fun tradition or routine that you have?

Watching Christmas Vacation and Elf,  over and over again, during the holidays. Also, when the boys were in the same school, Gerald would take them to get donuts before school on Friday mornings.

10. lastly, what are three favorite (chose one): websites/music/quotes/recipes you can share?

God only gives you what you can handle even if it takes you a really long time to understand why~ Me

Don’t cry b/c it’s over. Smile b/c it happened~ Dr. Suess

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it~ William Arthur Ward

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