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appreciating me: new hope

2 Jan

happy new year!  don’t you just love new beginnings? 

i do.  i love a fresh start and january 1 is always a good time.  i used to love the first day of school too.  new shoes, new clothes, new teachers, new friends.  there is something about “new” that brings hope.

this isn’t going to be one of those negative posts that says “i always have good intentions with goals and resolutions but that goes away at the end of january”.  because i’ve really been looking forward to my resolutions/goals.  goals are one of the most important things that you can have in your life.  no matter how old you are, no matter how young – set your sights on something and go for it.  one thing i love about facebook is seeing people achieve their goals.  friends are running marathons, starting businesses, dating someone seriously, getting new jobs.

– oh, i started to tell you something –

i’ve been preparing for this time of year.  instead of joining a fad diet plan, i am digging into WHY i do what i do when it comes to food.  and i got myself an awesome accountability partner to talk to every week.  what else do i want to do?   i want to multi-task less.  also, i’m going to quit buying into the (quite dated) fad of being “busy”.  i don’t want to be busy anymore.  it sounds so tedious and mundane.  and we all know how much i hate that!  i want to live fully.  guess you could say i’ve had a bit of a jerry mcquire moment.  i’m going to nurture and take care of me – and my husband – and everyone else is going to benefit.  i’m going to learn how to savor life.  taste slowly, listen more intently, mentally capture moments and tuck them away for later.  oh, yeah, i’m going to organize my photos in a more timely manner this year.

one website i found/heard about is this one. 

it is creating 101 things you want to do in 1001 days.  these are not goals or resolutions – just little things you want to do.

i love the things people are putting on here.  see for example:

here are some of mine:

1. bake the perfect souffle  (thanks to my RISE book from sarah!)

2. create a book out of the photos i take in 2012

3. donate blood

4. pay for someone behind me

5. go to the old age home and play cards or talk with someone

6. go to all the “best” restaurants listed in d magazine

7. interview a famous blogger

8. learn photoshop

9. walk in the rain

10. learn backgammon and get real good

what would you have on your list?

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