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where to eat this week: detroit

27 Apr

IMG_6437the dime store, located in one of detroit’s oldest buildings  – the dime building, now the chrysler house – is definitely a place to check out while in detroit.  i’ve only eaten there for lunch and both times, it has been excellent.  deb and i shared a huge grilled cheese and truffle fries and each got some butternut squash soup.

i’ve only done two reviews so far in this “series” – this one and this one and i can already tell you i stink at it.  here is my review:  just go there.  i’m not one of those people that can wax poetic about the right crisp around the edges of the cheese that is grilled and the silky, smooth butternut soup that has a kiss of nutmeg at the finish.  wait.  maybe i can?


get here early at lunchtime or else you’ll be waiting in a long line.  the service is kind of like “we’re cool, so you’ll wait while i handle 10 tables” friendly.


the menu is different and i like that.  this is just a snapshot above.  and these fries with the truffle mayo were so scrumptious!  so not on my diet but we split them.  and after it was said and done, we each only paid $10 for one awesome lunch.


check it out:

the dime store

719 griswold street


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