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you have options & turbulence is good

29 Feb

i’m going to be kind of all over the place. i’m sitting in chicago o’hare airport waiting to board a flight this morning and just reminiscing about a nasty email i received yesterday. why do we laser focus in on the negative and brush by the positive? there is this little voice inside my head that has been there for a while that i need to start to listen to

you have choices.

in this case, i have a choice on how much space i want to give this email in my head. in this case. just a little.

so many times we feel locked in a situation, locked in a routine, locked in because “that’s just the way we are” or locked into a negative remark or assumption someone has made about you. that’s so powerful. i think of remarks my dad made to my mom, that she was not a “planner” and i think that actually she was but because he said that so often, she began to believe she wasn’t.

SIDE BAR: people think i’m weird because i like turbulence on an airplane. flying to me is such evidence that there is a God because i feel so close to him when i fly. and a little turbulence doesn’t scare me but jolts me out of my “locked position” of my daily routine of flying. it makes me feel alive, a little vulnerable and in the moment. are you seeing how locked position, you have choices and turbulence all work together?

sometimes we need to be jolted out of our locked position of safety – what we know- to realize HEY WAIT! I don’t have to put up with this! I have choices.

how great is it to be an American, huh?

off to my plane… hope you have a great day.

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