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holiday noodles & rasberry whip recipe and my cousin britt

13 Oct

today’s special guest recipe is from my wonderfully fun cousin, britt snyder in San Marcos, California

hi appreciator!

below are 2 recipes from torin’s nana.  they used to eat the “noodles” (they call them “noodles” but it is kind of like chicken noodle soup) on christmas day.  since we already have a christmas tradition we make these on Christmas Eve:

nana’s christmas chicken noodles

2 6-7 pound old stewing chickens, washed, discard heart and gizzard
12 eggs, beaten
3 teaspoons salt ( or more to taste)
8 cups flour
1 large can chicken broth (we use more to make it a little more soupy)
4 carrots unpeeled
2 large onions
1 head of celery
2 bay leafs

put hens in a big pot with a big can of chicken broth and 1 big can of water so chicken is covered.

add carrots, onions, celery, and bay leaves.  i cut onions in half and clean carrots and celery.

cook chicken for approximately 2 hours until you can pull a leg off.

cool, then strain after you remove chicken.  discard vegetables and reserve broth in a big pot.

take meat off the chickens and set aside to be added at the end.

mix eggs, salt, and flour by hand adding flour slowly – make into a big ball.  ( you need a very large mixing bowl for this)

take a hand full of dough and roll our as thin as possible.

lay rolled dough on a sheet to dry until you can roll them up to slice.  (several hours- but watch that they don’t get too dry)

bring broth to a boil, add noodles slowly and stir.

cover and cook for 20 minutes ( no peaking or you’ll ruin it) over medium heat – do not burn.

add chicken before serving.

i have found a turkey fryer to work the best for cooking the noodles.  you have to do it outside.  over the years we found the average kitchen cook tops to be really inadequate for cooking such large quantities.  if you need to cook on a cook top you may want to divide into two smaller pots.  still no peeking as nana would have said.  i also made the noodles ahead of time one year ( by a day or so) and it seemed to cut the work and mess in half without any sacrifice in taste.

baby tailyn's first christmans rolling noodles!

nana snyder’s raspberry whip

1 bag frozen raspberries in heavy syrup, drained overnight
2 large packages raspberry Jell-O
1 cup whipping cream, whipped.

make Jell-O as directed only replace as much water with raspberry juice as possible while still following Jell-O directions.

place in refrigerator and let sit till it coats a spoon (approximately 1-2 hours)

fold raspberries in.

fold in whipped cream.


it is hard to find raspberries in heavy syrup, i use frozen raspberries and reserve any juice while thawing in a strainer.  i add 2 teaspoons of vanilla to the whipping cream for added flavor.

serve on iceberg lettuce with whipped cream and a green and red cherry on top


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