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similar but different: bookcases

25 Oct

i’m all for technology but sadly, the bookshelves could be a thing of the past. 

i love being surrounded by books.  even if i don’t read them much anymore.  just being honest.  i’ve read some really really good ones and i like having them close by.  i love the feeling you get when you start reading a good book and you read that line and just know right then and there – this – is going to be a good book.  and then you just dig right in and can’t stop.

how about the books that you can’t put down?  you’re reading laying down and your head is on the pillow and one eye is closed and the other one is tearing up because you can’t possibly really be still awake?   yeah, that’s a good book.

and here are some greatly designed bookcases.  let’s hope they stay around for a while!  this one is from lonnymag:

this one from houzz.com

another unique look from houzz.com

this one from freshome is invisible.  i love it.

a staircase shelf – sweetness

hope you have a great tuesday.  or if you’re up and reading this now… join the club.  been up since 4:30am.  what is my deal?

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