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being comfortable being uncomfortable

18 Aug

is my new mantra.  

and to start off a sea of changes, i’ve signed up for a class that i’m slightly uncomfortable with taking this weekend.

why would taking a class make me step out of my comfort zone?  this begs me to give you a little background.  i started this blog over a year ago for one reason initially – to know how to start a blog for the CEO of my company.  i don’t talk too much about my job in this blog but i shall now – i love it.  i am the self-proclaimed and company backed vp of social media for a national ad agency that handles chevrolet groups across the country.  i have so much more to say about this but that i just decided, will come in subsequent posts.  

so any way… i will get back to this class i’m taking.  

while i have become quite good (if i say so myself) at working at introducing bloggers all over the country to chevrolet (see example here), I decided that i wanted to become a blogger myself , you know, so i would know how to do it.  i could advise my boss, be able to relate even better to the bloggers in the programs we launch are like,  plus, i like to write, design, dream and link to cool interesting things.  so i came up with my theme of the appreciator (see about me). 

being comfortable being uncomfortable

so i am, by no means, a “professional” blogger.  and there are tons of them out there and i will be with them today.  everything is cute.  and everything is perfectly curated and designed.  (love it) so i’m going to learn!  this class today and tomorrow is me, at forty two, stepping out of my comfort zone, getting with other bloggers and making myself vulnerable and open to learning new, cool things.  i’m scared to death they are going to look at my work and giggle a little giggle like “isn’t that cute”.  but that is just my insecurity showing.  and remember, i promised you here that i’d show you that part of me.

so i’m excited to learn new things, learn how to make this blog schnazzier and who knows maybe even become a graphic designer in the making!  this class is a two day immersion in photoshop specifically for bloggers – 20 of us.  watch this video here:

blogshop new york

photos, courtesy of blogshop

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