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starting forever now

29 Nov

this past weekend,

ROF and i threw our first annual chili party.  thanks to my aunt sally and her family’s age-old tradition in california – we copy-catted the concept.  i love the thought of first & annual together.  it means we’re going to do it every year.  setting our own traditions so that we look forward with anticipation to the holiday season because we are ensuring that it is kicked off with family and friends.  how blessed are we?! 

we had some great learnings from our first one.  don’t invite kids.  HA!!  that made me laugh because i’m only kidding…for real.  the kids were the best darn part because they were so darn cute!

with every little joke there is a little bit of truth and really i said that because my house is not very child proof.  it is bulldog proof, but not child-proof…but i will learn for next time.

“dude, i’m worn out!”

these are the things we learned:

1. kids – yes, dogs – no.  max was a wreck with all the people.

2. use alternative means of music.  couldn’t take quality or quantity of pictures because my phone was pushing out the jams in the back house.

3. have your mom make all the chili for your party and take credit for it when she is not in listening range.  man, was that chili good & popular too.

4. people take small amounts of cole slaw not huge scoops like we thought.  we’re swimming in cole slaw.

5. rof showed me how to take left over cornbread muffins, break them in two and fry them in butter on the stove for breakfast the next day.  exactly what my butt needed because it isn’t quite to the size i’d like it yet.

all in all – 35 people, 11 kiddos, 2 dogs and 2 vats of chili.  success!  can’t wait for next year.

ps.  rof knows how to pack a cooler but he also knows how to set up a bar for a party.  that will be his next post.

live from austin  – over and out!

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