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pajamas please

6 Apr

i hardly watch any television.  or i watch an entire series all at once. it’s one or the other – nothing in between.

because i travel a lot and sometimes it’s hard to work on my laptop, i download a series and watch them straight through.  my latest travel project was all three seasons of the mindy project.  mindy kahling is brilliant and the show is a lot of fun.  if you haven’t seen it, you can get a little taste of it here:

mindy, in the show, has a big variety of cute pajamas.  i think she has millions of different kinds.  i mean, google it.  I did and came across these for starters:

mindymindy2i think the next “appreciator” project will be to collect cool pajamas too.  i love that idea!  i’ve started a pinterest page here.  but here are my favorite pajama places:

1. bedhead

2. natori

3. 3JNYC

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