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killer guacamole: killer weekend

2 Sep

we were blessed to be able to spend some quality time with some very good friends of ours this weekend at their beautiful lake house and with their beautiful daughter.

kelly made her killer guacamole…

in which i deeply regretted only having a few scoops before taking a lazy nap and waking up to it being devoured by the men of the house.  sigh.

i’m sure you’re looking for a recipe – but who needs it?  here are the ingredients (going from memory here, folks)

avocados (about 1 per person)

bunch of cilantro

red onion

jalapeño (or go hotter, if you dare)

sour cream

sriracha sauce (don’t tell anyone about this – this is the secret punch)

lime juice

first the chopping – chop up a handful of red onion nice and fine.  

next, chop up the jalapeño

then, pull the stems off the leaves of cilantro

cut avocado in half (either way) and scoop with a big spoon it out of the shell.  pop a knife in the hard core and twist the core out of the other half.  scoop that half out and put in bowl.  squeeze with lime to keep from browning.  mash together like crazy insane person.

add the cilantro and onion and mix up.

now give a squirt of sriracha sauce.  if you are not familiar with this – taste it first.  it will burn the crap out of your mouth, but mixed in with the avocado, it goes quite nice.

very last step, stir in a dollop of sour cream.  this makes it creamy.

oh, one more step – season.  get out the salt and pepper and put a little in and taste and repeat until you love it.

tip – if you screw something up – kelly says just add another avocado!

serve with BLUE chips (the best) and anything else you want!

thanks kelly & paul.  had a great labor day weekend with you two and soph!

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