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today is just another day

11 Sep

but not really… right?

welcome sunday. a sad sunday, albeit, as for what today was 10 years ago.  the sadness for all the loss – really unbearable and honestly, more than what our minds are capable of holding and digesting.

when i woke up this morning, i really wanted to turn on the TV and go back 10 years.  i felt the day deserved my attention and my tears.  i did turn it on briefly but then quickly snapped it off. not because i didn’t want to “go there” but because well…i didn’t want to go there.  and that is not disrespectful.  i think of 9-11 pretty much every time i fly.  every time i go through security and every time i kiss ROF good-bye at the airport.  i remember.

today, i decided not to tell my 9-11 story because, well,  who cares?  who cares about where i was because the only thing that matters is what was happening in NY/NJ, PA and DC.  my thoughts and prayers and love go to my friends and family in new jersey (because i know there are at least 2 of you!) reading this today and to the people affected around the world.   i decided not to show pictures or give you links to stories all of which i thought about doing.  you can get that on cnn.

do you remember how long it took to feel somewhat normal?  a long, long time.  i was so immersed in the stories both of heroism and of loss after 9-11.  being in chicago, i felt the entire country pull together and we were no longer from different cities, cultures, backgrounds – we were all one.  my friend melissa and i took our cameras and walked for miles around the city and took photos of all the flags and signs of solidarity and patriotism.

that’s it for today.  i had something else planned (ha! that you will see tomorrow)  boy do i appreciate all the people in this great country that keep our country as secure as possible  – from TSA to our armed forces to people in leadership positions for our country, for businesses and for families.  i appreciate people that have been through MORE PAIN than my mind could ever, ever comprehend.  i appreciate having God in my life to be able to make sense out of a completely senseless world.

love, me

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