so glad it’s friday

today, i’m sharing with you a superb social site

i’m getting as addicted to it as i am listening to ‘foster the people’.  the site is called ‘pinterest’. this is how i like to describe it:  do we all get 1043 magazines a month like i do?  think i’m kidding?  ask ROF who had to have a kind intervention with me.

it went like this:  “do you order magazines through the mail?” answer: yes.  “do you also buy them at the airport each week?” answer: yes.  “do you think if we ordered them all via subscriptions you could maybe not buy them anymore at the airport?” answer: yes (boldface lie) i think the answer should have been: sometimes.


this website called lets you save things on line on a “board” just like a pushpin board.  THUS THE NAME.  so instead of ripping things out of all my mags, i can just pin them to my boards on this website.  mine looks like this:

and these little boxes link to the websites.  SO if you like to look at recipes on-line, you can just go to a website and hit the “pin it” button that you got off this website and it captures a picture right on to your board!  Now, i’m sure you’re asking…. well why is it social?  BECAUSE….


so if my sister katie, or sister-in-law susan or mom joan want to clip a bunch of recipes AND i like what they like, then i can just follow them and see what they pin.  i love the world wide web!

happy friday!

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