snail mail is back!

yes, we all love email, we love our computers, social media and apps.  however, don’t we all love getting something real cool in the mail?  it is so “in” now to sign up for these very hip monthly “gift” subscriptions.  it makes coming home from work and sorting through all the junk mail and bills…fun.  because there is a little something-something of awesome in the pile for you.

this is also a great gift idea.  it’s the gift that keeps on giving.  and it is so much more now than just a wine or fruit of the month club.  

before we talk about that – i can not mention snail mail without talking about my awesome husband.  he masters the art of sending postcards.  he sends me postcards from every where he goes – even when we are together.  and he sends them to my office.  it is such a huge grin that comes on my face when i get back from vacation and get the mail and i see a postcard peeking out of the stack of ad age and auto news subscriptions.

but more than that, he sends them to my mom, sister, his sister and various friends and family around the county.  so cool.

back to the gifts

so in addition to postcards and letters from loved ones, why not sign up with one of these companies to send you some goods?   my sister said to my mom this weekend, when she questioned the money my sister spent on one of these, ” I’M SINGLE AND IF I WANT TO GET A GREAT PACKAGE OF STUFF IN THE MAIL I’M GONNA DO IT!”  ok!

birchbox: a fun, hip beauty box that sends you samples of great products (and some full size ones too) for $10 a month.  i get this one and like it a lot.

lost crates: “crates” or boxes that are curated (a fave word of mine) by bloggers, companies and fun people.  you can take a test to discover what kind of box you should receive.  art, food, design – anything.  check out this website!  this is a monthly delivery site for book lovers.  super cool.  especially if you’re a foodie.  they have monthly kids books, chick lit – lots!

here is popsugar’s monthly box.  for $35 a month, you get full-size goodies.  katie loved her first installment this month which is on the website.  i think this would be a great gift for a daughter (hint hint), sister, best friend.  but probably not your husband.

then… there is whimsey box.  for you DIY folks, force yourself to do a simple project every month with everything you need delivered to your doorstep. make easy projects like the one above and be proud that you did it yourself.

there is a great website resource for you in amazing  there is the bacon of the month club, peanut butter of the month club and so much more.  i know the perfect person to give the bacon of the month club to!

lastly, if you like to try out healthy snacks, there is yumvelope.  this is a little sack of goodness coming to you monthly.

hope you found these as fun as i think they are.  please let me know if you sign up for any of them!

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