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hi.  my name is amy and I’m an appaholic. 

if you have an iphone then here are some must-have apps for it.  who uses a phone for just talking nowadays?  they come in real handy if you are at, say, jury duty or somewhere there is a lot of waiting.  or for a sunday afternoon as you plan your week.  these can help.  and some are just plain fun.

food apps.

there are a ton of great recipe and food apps.  they make it real handy for you to put together a quick dinner and have your shopping list populate right there on your phone.  search for these 2 in particular:

1. cooking light app.  here you pick a main dish click on ‘suggested menu’ and it pulls together suggested sides, veggies and dessert.  you can change out any of those too.

2. you already know i’m a fan of martha – here everyday food app has FRESH & EASY recipes

photo apps:

there are so many fabulous photos apps and you probably see me use them on facebook.  instagram is a lot of fun but i didn’t include that here because a lot of people know about it already.

1. phoster.  this app lets you pick from many different funky layouts, upload your photo, change the wording and you have a professional looking poster.  we used this at my mom’s 70th birthday party.  you can save and put on FB or you can actually print out the poster by emailing a pdf of it to you and uploading to a printer.  so cool.

See mom’s invite sample here:

2. diptic.  ever wonder how people get really creative layouts with their photos?  that would be diptic.  you can’t get this on-line as in a website, but just an app . it is so much fun. you have tons of options and then they save just like a photo on your iphone.  you can download to a macbook or facebook.  takes about a minute to pull together.  here is an example of a diptic collage:

home away app:

this is an app i have but haven’t used yet.  it is also a website that you can see here.   this is a company based in austin that has a humongous database of homes around the world that you can rent by the night or by the week.  apartments in madrid, home in lake como, italy, downtown or rural places you and/or some friends can rent.  much more chic than staying at a hotel.  i do know several people that swear by this company and have had ‘once in a lifetime’ experiences with it.  if you have used it, let me know…

miscellanie apps:

here are some really helpful apps.  first the new york times has a great new york app called the scoop.  it’s got everything that is going on in new york and updates constantly.  where to go, what to see, reviews.  i like to read this even when i don’t have a trip planned… maybe I like to pretend i’m going….  silly amy.

then there is this budget app called tripulator.  this helps set up a trip budget by category (gas, food, air, fun money) and track it.  ROF and i did this on a trip to scottsdale and because we had budgeted for it and stuck to our budget the whole trip, we treated ourselves to an obnoxiously expensive dining experience.

lastly, use map my run to track your walk  or run via gps.  it will tell you how fast you went, your route and you can set it, track it, and then listen to music.  it is great.

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  1. Hi Amy, I just love reading your blogs!! I look forward to reading
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