saturday morning flashback

4 Jun


nothing beats streaming 93xrt radio station from chicago on saturday mornings.  the whole day is ahead of you and I’m back in grade school where Saturday mornings were the time to sleep in as late as possible.  eventually woken by mom and dad cheerfully coming home from their early morning walk and going about lining up chores for the day.  The covers would slide over my head as we all  would pretend not to hear the casual, off-key whistling below, pans hitting the stove for 2 eggs, basted, hash browns, bacon (normal saturday am fare).  now ROF and i guess as to the year being highlighted each weekend morning.

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  1. i am a writer. | - November 2, 2013

    […] ROF said something this week that upset me.  or it made me mad at first but then i thought about it some more. […]

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