Road Trips

8 Jul

the smell of the open road, feet on the dash, vintage rock on the speakers.  i love road trips.  never much considered myself someone who loved to drive but with all the travel I do for work, hitting the road has become a new passion.  i can snap pics while lovely ROF drives.  we laugh, listen to whacky podcasts, do a mental walk-through of houses we like, share inside jokes, drink mega sippy cups of diet coke.  we’ve driven from the big D out to Houston, to Scottsdale, to Colorado and now to San Antonio for a weekend retreat.  lovely ROF should write a blog on preparing for road trips.  some say he is kind of an expert. (“it ain’t braggin’ if you’re doin’ it” ) expert cooler/snack & drink (the adult kind) packer and trip organizer.  even with the advance of GPS technologies, he still writes AAA and gets the trip map packs that detail out our journey.  i snicker but when I ask WHERE THE HELL ARE WE? in the car, he just whips that map out and points.  he also adds a little “see…I know what I’m doing” smile.  i deserve that.  can’t wait for the weekend get away.

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