no retirement plan or safety net

23 Aug

he may not have had a retirement plan, but our driver this morning certainly had a life.  we were chit chatting with him on the way to the airport and i found him to be one of the most interesting persons i’ve talked to in a long time.  ROF thought he was a little coo-coo.  he was from the same small town in michigan my aunt and uncle were from – sault st. marie – and he knew of my uncle and the dealership he owned.

as we drove to the airport, he shared with us all the different things he has done from being a correction officer in that small town to putting himself through college by being a card dealer at a casino.  he also owned a transportation company at one point and lived in the wild in alaska one month at a time.  he also raced snowmobiles.   he was in his 50s and i thought it was fun, for a moment, to imagine living a life like that – unpredictable, kind of on the edge.  he said he had a crazy resume but it didn’t make much for a retirement plan.  he said he was more worried about the “end of the year, when the world ends” than what is going to happen in the elections this fall.  he’ll probably get out of dallas and make sure he is somewhere remote.  imagine being scared of that.

i am so predictable and typically play things safe.  what if i lived without a safety net – what would i do?  i think it would be cool if we were all forced to learn a new trade every seven years.  wouldn’t that make us more eclectic, well-rounded people?  you know what i’d do?  well, i’m gonna tell you:

1. learn how to make cheese.  and not mozzarella.  like good cheese.

2. become a sommelier.

3. fitness trainer.  that would force me to get fit !

4. car salesperson.  i think i would kick ass at this.

5. jewelry designer

6. flight attendant

7. chef

8. magazine editor – also think i would rock this.

9. travel agent

10. graphic designer

oh one more…

11. interior designer

the question is – what’s stopping me from doing this?

One Response to “no retirement plan or safety net”

  1. Jeanie Guthrie Hornung August 23, 2012 at 4:55 pm #

    Only you!

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