you are truly magnificent

how do i love thee, ROF?  too numerous to count thy ways.  you love me, take care of me and that (first and foremost) is cool.  after that it’s a mash of a million things –  some of which i will try to capture here.   the great friend you are to your great friends, filling my car up with gas and backing it into the driveway, fixing weekend cocktails with such flourish, your excellent grilling and cooking staples of flank steak, buttery noodles with onion, tin-foil wrapped talapia, your packing abilities, sense of humor, love of your family and of mine, strive to know God and love what he loves, mentoring your nephews, white-man overbite dancing habits, how you are cocky when you’re winning at gin and sulky when you are losing (probably due to the fact that you’re the youngest…), the countless lists that I tease you about but secretly envy, the goals you have laminated and posted in our bathroom as a daily reminder and your jokes… too numerous to count-

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