mom, otherwise know as, joan

9 Jul

appreciating mom for her ability to listen so well, care so deeply and laugh much.  nothing better than an evening of joan, cards, steaks on the grill, chardonnay in the glass and moby on the sound system.

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  1. consulting marketplace October 18, 2013 at 1:29 pm #

    Insightful thoughts. cheers.


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    […] at least that was the case with me.  my dad cooked a few things real well.  steak and eggs.  not together.  he was the world class scrambled egg maker.  in his slippers, saturday mornings, MTV blaring in the family room next to the kitchen.  TURN THAT CRAP DOWN!  sorry, i digress.  now, these may not have been the best eggs i ever had but i would never know it.  my dad talked everything he did up.  so when he served the eggs and bacon he’d say “have you ever seen anything more beautiful than that?”  and “you’re in for a real treat today, kids” – always matched with an eye roll from my mom. […]

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