mend well, my friend

hello friday.  wow, thought you’d never come.  travels this week only took me to beautiful detroit and back but feel as if i’ve been through a lot.  so hello weekend!  this is going to be jam packed,  but one that we say good-bye to bill who is our nephew and has been staying here for 6+ weeks.  as i’ve mentioned here,  bill has been a blast to have around.  it’s not often that you meet a 20 year old that is so fun to talk to (not all about him) and respectful (jumps up to help all the time) and just plain cool.  i can’t tell you how much ROF and i have gotten out of having him around – or maybe i just did.

now, i didn’t have this blog when his older brother, mike was here in the big d.  we loved having him here too & miss him a lot.  so it has been a pure joy having both the prendeville boys around this year – big time.

this is bill's older bro, mike

this post is dedicated (in true appreciator style) to susan prendeville.  my wonderful friend and SIL (sister in law) who had a bad biking accident a while ago,  just had surgery on her shoulder and has started her summer out…slowly… recouping.  she is the wonderful mom of two great guys and one great girl.  thanks for sharing mike and bill with us.  today’s friday mix tape is for you.  SO, this is what i want you to do. download the 8track app on your iphone (free), sign up via facebook and listen to this mix.  take it outside, get some sun, take it easy, mend well and have fun this weekend.  this weeks mix tape can be found here.  love amy  oh! check out some photos here…

bill, damien, rof
Open top bus in San Antonio.
cruising around san antonio
playing with his food before eating it
hitting the streets with uncle b in san antonio
victor tangos night.

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  1. What would I do without you? Thank you my dear SIL! For taking such good care of my boys (I think I will lump ROF in there too), for sharing your wealth of wisdom with them and for being my friend! LY.

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