happy new year!

1 Jan

i love new starts.  

2014 was a long but good year.

on the plus (+) side, both ROF and i have lost a considerable amount of weight.  it was a long, hard journey and we’ve got a lot more to go but it gives our 2015 resolutions a good start.

on the plus side again, we relocated back home to dallas.  sigh.  so good to be home.  where great friends and new adventures abound.  one of the friendliest places in the US, we’re glad to be welcomed back with open arms.

as “the appreciator”, i’m thankful for ROF’s exciting new position with a new company here in dallas.  he’s pumped and the opportunities are endless.

on the not-so-positive (-) side,  we had some pretty scary close calls in regards to health.  ROF’s blood clot and PE put him in the hospital for a week.  that was extremely scary.  i’m so thankful for him.

also, being stuck in the flooding in detroit for 9 hours was a moment in 2014 i’d like to forget.  you can read about that here.

back to new starts.

what has you excited for 2015?  i have my goals for the year set up in three categories: MIND/BODY/SOUL.  i’ll talk more about those later.  right now,

i need coffee.

2 Responses to “happy new year!”

  1. Annette Roe January 1, 2015 at 10:28 am #

    Love you two so much…..very proud of you too! Hope the new year is one of your best🎉

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    • Amy Fulford January 1, 2015 at 1:57 pm #

      I love you too, Aunt Annette! Thanks for reading. Wish we lived closer!

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