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15 Nov

boy have i missed writing this blog!

my trip to new york and new jersey was fab-u-lous and i can’t wait to share that with you here soon.

one of my favorite things to do is look upon things with fresh eyes.  my family has always done this when it comes to decorating.  i would say both my mom and my sister are the same exact way.  because we moved around so much growing up – 12 houses – we can get a little antsy with things looking the same ole same ole.  we’re always looking at mantels, rooms, drawers differently.  you know it’s happening when we are staring at something longer than normal and our heads are tilted and eyes narrowed.

we haven’t been to canton in a long time, but there is a whole lot of head tilting going on there. 

if you’re not hip to canton, it’s like the worlds biggest trade days or flea market – like miles big.  it’s got a very retail part and a major junk part.  nothing there is as it seems.  thus, the head tilting by mom and sis.  for example, i hit pay dirt at canton when i was decorating my first condo.  mom and i were standing there refueling with a bottle of water when mom’s head started to tilt “well, amy, now what do you think of this?” and she had uncovered behind me an old wooden mantel leaning against a wall with a bunch of lace and crap on it.

“oh mom!” 

and we were off.  mom held the lace back and we started planning where this would look perfect in my condo.  and it did look perfect.  first inside, then outside as an outside fireplace. this is what i love, love, love about my mom and sister.  creative, fun and something we really love to do together.

here are some things i found that are some new uses that were found with fresh eyes.

this is an writing on a shade with a pen!

these are door nobs

this is another use for a wine rack

old doors as a headboard – love this!!

mason jar lighting!

great, easy decoration with back yard branches and flower vases

i love this use for corks…trying to talk ROF into this as he has a massive collection.  says he wants to build a pier.  come on now, sweetheart.

credit for all these great ideas, you can find on my pinterest board here.


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