Follow Me – 9 people to watch, listen to or try to be

It’s no secret that I’m an insanely curious person. I don’t know how I got this way but one reason is that I refuse to be content. It’s a blessing and a curse.

As a marketer, it’s a blessing. I’m absolutely blown away at the pace marketing has evolved. It seemed the first 14 years of my career was spent just talking about what percentage of the tv budget would run what percentage rotation of a particular spot. I’m glad I started working with influencers about 12 years ago. Forget celebrities, now anyone with a POV can gain thousands of followers. Staying curious has helped me keep pace and relevant.

However, as a competitive person being curious can be a curse. It can stymie a girl’s creativeness if you try to keep pace with these crazy successful influencers!

Here are a few people I love to follow on IG or watch on YouTube:


Nocrumbsleft – Teri Turner

theDefineddish – Alex Snodgrass

Juliaandchild – Julia Flowers


Allana Davison

Wendy’s Lookbook

Sarah’s Day


Damsel in Dior

Atelier Dore

The Everygirl

Stay Curious!

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