eggs, morning music and the joule

hello thursday, right?   couldn’t get here any faster for me.  today is our day we talk food and drinks.  a favorite subject of mine.

if you read my profile (you can read it here) you know that i have a pretty strong point of view on things.  not saying that is good or bad or that mine is correct.  it is what it is.  one of those views is pretty dumb, admittedly, but it’s mine.  i believe in keeping things in their proper time slot.  to me, there are morning things to do, eat, listen to, watch and there are afternoon things and there are night- time things.  still not understanding this, let me explain.  don’t like listening to “getting ready to go out” music in the morning, don’t watch movies in the morning, eating things like steak for breakfast.  dumb, i know.  the only exception to that is breakfast for dinner.  love that.  I’ve put together a little morning music for you.  Click here and take a listen, but it only makes sense if it is before 10am.  it’s that climbing out of grogginess to happiness music.  listen while you make this egg dish.

this is fun to make.  i did not invent this recipe and i’ve seen it everywhere.  i’m sure you have your own version of it and i’d love to hear about it.  all i know is that mine turned out like this!

as you can tell, i’m not a professional photographer

so i didn’t wipe down the tray and stylize this shot.  but who cares – yummy.  these pop right out and it is like a piece of toast, cheese, an egg, crispy bacon and some chive goodness rolled up in one.  the funny thing about this morning is that i woke up super early on a saturday.  like 5am.  found this recipe and waited until 7am to make it, thinking that ROF and Bill would soon to rouse from their slumber.  This was done by about 7:30am (it’s easy) and i sat staring at it for a good 15 minutes, drank coffee, cleaned the kitchen.  they were not coming out.  they were getting cold! so i called my best sis katie and told her “hurry up and come over.  wait to you see these little buckets of love”  so she came over and she ate two and i ate two.  now whoever woke up first got the last two.  bill came out first saw these and ate them up.  unfortunately, ROF wasn’t too happy he missed out so i think bill shared.


Click here to see the recipe.  martha rocks.  make them this weekend.  now, what else do you just have to drink only in the morning (sorry, this is a morning thing for me but sometimes it can get away with moving into the 3pm afternoon slot)

coffee, for sure! 

do you have a coffee routine?  you know you do.  my mom, sister and i all like the same things in our coffee.  except i’m backing off the sweetener.   my SIL susan cracks me up because she likes to drink out of a certain kind of mug or in her case a starbucks porcelain mug that she turned me on to a couple years ago.  i bought a couple in new jersey when i was visiting and promptly left them on the plane flying home.  she sent me two more the next week- sweet!  that cracks me up because i’m the same way – we all like what we like, right?  please tell me below how you drink your coffee.

ROF and i got a sweet number of williams-sonoma gift cards for our wedding 10 months ago (thank you much).  we used some of them to buy the mother load of espresso machines.  we named her joule.  joule is where ROF and i stayed during our wedding weekend.  this place is swank.  we had a 2 story penthouse for the weekend and it was unbelievable.  talk more tomorrow.

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  1. I make a cup of coffee then I get in the shower. I don’t like it too hot so when I get out of the shower it is perfect!! and I really prefer no fat or no sugar hazelnut creamer better than milk. You should make those breakfast things this weekend at moms! She would love them!

  2. This was like manna from heaven this morning when I made this for my 3 yr old and his friend!

  3. I just made these and they were a HIT! Even Olivia liked them. I didn’t have chives so next time, I’m going to get to the store beforehand. I bet they add a lot of flavor. Thanks for sharing!

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