capturing a moment: holiday inn


it’s tuesday morning and i’m outside jackson, mississippi at a holiday inn getting ready for a meeting.  i’m in my new black dress pants, a nicely starched french blue shirt and pointy heels.   i’m sitting down in the breakfast area munching on a stale piece of wheat bread with one half mini tub of peanut butter schmeared on it.

just giving you a visual.

there is a young woman sitting next to me with what looks like a 9 month old, a two year old and a four year old.  and they’re not happy.  i feel for her as she has her hands full – literally.  this holiday inn is brand new so even though it’s loud with screaming kids, it’s pretty clean and nice.  but with stale bread.

i decided to capture this moment because as i’m sure you’re very aware, there are things that happen all around you all the time that jolt you out of your routine and comfort zone.

this was one of those moments.

a man about 34 years old and what appeared to be his adorable daughter were at the coffee station with an older woman who was working in the small hospitality area.  the daughter looked about five years old, had braided pigtails and a southern accent as thick as pancake syrup.  the older worker woman had this conversation with her.  i was seated close (so i listened in)

OW: well, hello there!  how are you doing this morning?

LG: i’m doing ok, ma’am.  how are  you doin’?

OW: pretty good.  you here on vacation?

LG: naw, i’m here with my dad to visit my nawnaw.  she just had twin babies and one died.  

(dad clarified that “nawnaw” was her aunt)

OW: oh my, that must have been very sad.

LG: it was, i was there.  we was all there and we all cried.  one was a girl and one was a boy.  the girl lived but the boy died.  (she said this very maturely)

OW: i sure am sorry to hear this.

so here i am, in my french blue shirt getting ready for a meeting eating stale wheat bread with peanut butter.  i’m surrounded by a young woman with a son smearing jelly on a plate on his table and this darling sad little girl with her dad.  visiting her nawnaw.

i have it pretty darn good. 


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