Can’t Sleep

This is what I think about from 12:34am-4am:

  1. Maybe I should just get up.
  2. Why can’t I hear dog snoring, is she breathing?
  3. That Caesar salad was amazing. Get it again.
  4. What should we have for breakfast when mom comes this weekend?
  5. I’ll just get on phone for minute.
  6. Shopping on Amazon is too easy.
  7. Nordstrom…sale….
  8. Am I traveling on the busiest travel day of year?
  9. Why can’t I hear ROF breathing, is he ok?
  10. I’m not going to remember to turn the alarm off in morning
  11. Martha Stewart rocks. Am I too old to reinvent myself?
  12. What are my interests- list them.
  13. Teaching, professional women growing in career…
  14. What’s my niece up to – call her tomorrow. Hate to bug her knowing how busy she is
  15. What was that noise?
  16. I’m hungry.
  17. Why aren’t my notifications on LinkedIn?
  18. What’s my day like tomorrow.
  19. You better get up and walk in morning.
  20. It is morning.
  21. How do you know you’re dehydrated?
  22. I’m hungry.
  23. Tasty video made me drool
  24. Tomorrow I’m going to accomplish one of my personal goals before I start working.
  25. I’ll just clear out my inbox then I’ll sleep.
  26. What is this tapping thing? Stupid.
  27. Does GP have sleeping issues? Perfect-
  28. I should write a blog dedicated to the style of Leanne Ford.
  29. I wonder how old she is.
  30. What should I get ROF for Christmas?
  31. I miss my sis.
  32. Moms coming!
  33. I hope Mike makes taylor ham & eggs. Mom will love that.
  34. I’m going to listen to my Glenn Harold recording then I’ll go right out.

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  1. I know those kind of nights. Perhaps I should start recording the thoughts and see is there’s any wisdom in the middle!

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