bloggers, bloggers & chevy dealers

5 Oct

today was exhaustingly good.

deliciously crazy.

and so much fun.  i love watching an idea the size of a pea grow and grow and be batted around like an injured fly escaping the swatter. but then come out like a shiny rainbow all beautiful and lovely.

i’m so dramatic.

today was a social media breakthrough day.  we had 35 bloggers meet 35 chevy dealers and get a brand new white diamond chevy traverse to drive for 2 weeks.  it was a fun day watching the stereotypes break down as dealers chatted it up with mommy bloggers.  here are some pics. click on any one to make bigger.


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    […] good (if i say so myself) at working at introducing bloggers all over the country to chevrolet (see example here), I decided that i wanted to become a blogger myself , you know, so i would know how to do it.  i […]

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