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16 Sep

i’m happy to have

the popular dana clover from the Homesteading Housewife blog.  dana is our chevy lma community manager in houston and i’m excited to get her take on that great city to my south – houston!

where in houston do you live  and how long have you lived there?
i have lived in several Houston area locations, but found fell in love with a small run-down farm about 35miles NE of town.  clover country farms is where I hang my hat and the Man-of-My-Dreams and i are working on raising our 5 kids and countless critters.

other than friends and family, what do you love the most about houston?
i love the fact that i can live out in the boonies in the middle of no-where, but am still within an hour of one of the best medical centers in the world, a theater district second only to new york and some of the best food anywhere!
In other words….  houston has it ALL!

if a friend was visiting you who had never been to Houston before, what would the top 3 non-food places you’d have to show them?
NASA (of course), The houston livestock show and rodeo , and the texas renaissance festival, wow! talk about diversity!

give us a great breakfast place, lunch place and your favorite casual dinner place?
well that’s easy!
my house
my house
and my house.
oh…  you meant the second best places to eat in houston right? heh sorry…

Hmmm, breakfast – there is a little place called the glass menagerie just north of houston that has an amazing sunday brunch, they have everything gourmet and beautiful, something VERY different from the farm and it is my “go-to” place when I can go out with my mother and sister and feel all fancy-like.

lunch- there is nothing better than hitting the kemah boardwalk for lunch on the water. i like the flying dutchman or landry’s for some yummy seafood right on the water.

oooh dinner! hoffbrau steakhouse has the worlds BEST chicken fried steaks!  this is where i take all out-of-towners who were not born with a bottle of cream gravy in their mouth, they always fall in love with this texas staple!

so many people I work with and know are not from texas.  we’re constantly having to explain why texas is different than the rest of the country.  does your family have one tradition or activity that is truly texan?
wow…   that’s a LOADED question! i was born up north and got to texas as fast as I could, and the reason texas will always be home is the people.  i love the fact that when you pass another car driving down the road, they wave.  i love the how welcoming and warm texans are. texas is not just a state in America…. it is truly a state of mind!

if you couldn’t tell, i love to cook.  my BBQ cook-outs are as texan as they get. (my hubby built my smoker out of an old 500gal propane tank!) i spend more time cooking outside than I do cooking in my kitchen, and there is never a weekend where friends and family cannot be found getting all sticky w/ some BBQ sauce and having fun.  good foods & good friends is what texas was built on!

i’m a fan of BBQ. houston seems to be a great place to get it.  where should I go?  
well duh!  my back yard!
but, if i’m not home, i recommend  a tiny hole-in-the-wall BBQ joint called the “tin roof” they smoke some amazing meat!

Last question.  
if you could hold a happy hour with 5 people who would they be – living or dead – ?

Well…  it would be at my house for sure!

#1 & #2 would be my brothers dan and ryan, they died when I was younger and there is nothing I would love more than to introduce them to my boys.  they would have been the best uncles in the world!
#3 alton brown, because he is my boyfriend. (don’t tell my hubby tho!)
#4 carla emery, because I could have learned SO many homesteading skills from her!
#5 marlene, my friend from high school, so she could see alton and i together and finally admit that he is MINE!

by the way, dana, i love this photo from your blog

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