appreciating: photo apps: all the secrets!

31 Mar

i’m so addicted to my photo apps on my iphone.

i’m pretty blown away at what you can do on your phone.  now the iphone (and prob others) have a better camera than digital cameras.  all of these apps above are simply awesome.

first there is instagram.  you’re all already probably pretty hip to instagram.  you can upload your photo and choose like 20 different filters for it.  this is where i start.

max with instagram app

then the picture is saved to my phone and i pull it up in my next favorite app -LoMob.

i can’t say enough about LoMob.  really sweet filters that are different from intagram.  i’m into layering photo apps.  this is max on one of the options on LoMob:

max with instagram and layered in LoMob

here he is on another:

then i pull the photo up in EASY TITLER.  this allows you to write in a ton of font choices on your photo.  It looks like this:

i love this app!  then you can pull together several photos in diptic.  there are a ton of options in diptic.  in the case below, i first did diptic and then pulled it up in EASY TITLER:

so here are some photos i took this morning of the house and ran then through the apps:

enjoy!  let me know if you want any help!


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