appreciating: m’lord & m’lady

so are you hip to the pbs show ‘downton abbey’ yet? 

get with it & quick!  they are currently 3 shows into season 2 but i got season 1 on itunes or you can buy it or rent it on netflix.  i downloaded it to my iphone and watched the episodes in HD on the plane over the past 2 weeks.  lovely that there aren’t any commercials!  i kind of wish we had to call each other m’lord and m’lady like they do.  not really.    take a watch of this:

typically, i’m not into that period drama stuff like my sister – but i have to tell you i’m hooked.  maggie smith is just brilliant and the writing -witty, sharp and the story line very fresh.  here is a little snippet from

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  1. This is my favorite show ever!! I’m with Katie, I wish it was on every day.
    I love it. Beverly

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