appreciating it: new outlooks

so my blog is coming back big and bold for those of you who think i’ve gotten a bit lackadaisical in my blogging lately.



i don’t blame you for thinking that.  it could be true.  as much as i love writing and being creative and thinking, blogging can get tricky.  let me try and explain.

it’s very “outward” and controlled.  

what that means is this… just like tv, movies, magazines, digital things – you are only getting one side of the story and it is the “most perfect side”.  follow me?  let’s use my beloved barefoot contessa as an example.  i think i love her because her cooking show, her interviews, story – everything portrays a per-fect life.  oh, let’s go clip some herbs from my garden, lets drive down to the market to see david where he’ll kill a chicken fresh for me, let’s hop over to paris where i speak french en peu.  i love it.

you see i’ve always wanted to be that way.  ever since the brady bunch tv show.  i was 10 or 11 and i’d ask my mom why our house didn’t look like their house.  she’d say “because it’s a tv show” and i never quite grasped that concept. 

what i want to see or read is an article titled “the barefoot contessa becomes unraveled!”.  mind you, i don’t mean that i want something bad to happen – i just want to see the underbelly.  not literally, but you’re picking up what i’m putting down, right?   i want to see her pour flour into the mixer and have it splatter on her face (hello…always happens, right?)  i want jeffery, her beloved, come into the kitchen and pinch her butt.  i want an entire show on bloopers and practical jokes.  i want her friends to streak across her backyard when she is showing us how to lay charcoal just the right way in the grill.  i’d like her to drop a pickle on the floor, brush it off and pop it in her mouth.

that, to me, is way more interesting and real.

but i don’t yet buy into my own ideals in this regard.  i want to appear to have it all together.  but i never do. and it’s a constant disappointment.  and i’m learning that …

that’s life.  that’s real.

back to writing a blog.  see my pictures, read my witty persiflage, see how perfect things are.  i just don’t want that.  

and i’m going to admit it right now in front of my millions of readers.  just like bene brown tells me too.  being vulnerable is much more admirable and harder than being like everyone else.  for example:

1. i wait until my nails absolutely need it before getting them done.

2. sometimes i have one or two glasses of wine past the recommended amount.

3. i moved a desk the other day and there was a vent that looked like it hadn’t been cleaned since the house was built 82 years ago.

4. occasionally, i like to stay in my pjs all day long.

5. i have left the house without showering before.  yep. and gone to nordstrom.

6. i made dinner for company and made mini meat loaves and put them on a flat sheet with no edge.   all the grease ran over the edge and filled the kitchen with smoke.  hey, made a good memory!

i’m sure the list could go on and on and on.  but i don’t really want you to know all my imperfections.  yet.  we’ll leave those to be undiscovered later.

can’t wait to share with you in the upcoming posts things i appreciate. 

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