appreciating bucknell football

20 Nov

last weekend when i was in new jersey i spent some good time with my sister-in-law susan.  she and i talked about her contributing to my blog.   one idea i liked that i’ve seen in other blogs is where they bring in other “voices” – other writers.  so i’ve asked susan to give us her viewpoint every now and then on “the appreciator” blog and weigh in from the east side of the country. 

saturday was the last football game of the season for bucknell  
university. it was a beautiful, cool, late fall day and the bison
finished the season with 6 wins and 5 losses.  it has been a good year.

coach joe susan is a great coach who is turning the bucknell football
program around, not only by winning games but also by building respect
and character into the program.  i have not met him personally but I
like the way he treats my son and I get email from him regularly and
he seems to be a very good man.

coach susan shaking hands before game time

my husband and I have been to most of the football games over the past
three years.  we drive the 2 ½ or 4 or even 6 hours to a game and
cheer for our team and see our son and his peers and friends.  i have  
lots of orange and blue in my wardrobe now and have learned to love
all levels of college football.  we have had an awful lot of fun being  
bison fans.

my son (#19)  has finished his third year as a bucknell bison kicker/punter.  
he has made good friends through football and feels good about his  
fitness level that is a result of practice and workouts.  he is a  
civil engineering major, has been social chair for his fraternity for
the past two years and is the newly elected recruitment chair for  
ifc.  his strong commitment to football including games, practice,
meetings and workouts in addition to his rigorous academic and social
responsibilities are teaching him what he needs to know to be a  
success both now and when he finishes college.

so what is my point?  appreciation, of course!   first, i appreciate
and feel proud of the bucknell bison football team.  i’m grateful for
the coaches and all of the people involved with the football team.  i  
am proud of my son and the work he is doing at bucknell.  nice job
bill!  go bison! ‘ray bucknell!

2 Responses to “appreciating bucknell football”

  1. Katie Krause (@krausekatie2003) November 21, 2011 at 9:35 am #

    I love it! Go Bill! If every parent could be like you and Mike! Thanks for sharing!

    • Susan November 22, 2011 at 5:17 pm #

      Thanks Katie!

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