Amy’s Best Killer Lasagna

The hero of this lasagna recipe is the sausage and mushroom ragu -recipe is below.  It’s from Milk Street which is my #1 place to get outstanding recipes.

Use this with anything – regular pasta or I used it in lasagna. Make it first and don’t skip the cinnamon as it is what makes the whole damn dish!

You figure out how much you need.

In addition to the ingredients below, pick up:

  • No cook lasagna noodles
  • Ricotta cheese
  • Shredded mozzarella cheese
  • Parm cheese
  • Marinara sauce (Rao is best, I got the basil one)

Make the Ragu

One tip here is you are going to put this in a layer in lasagna so cut up the mushrooms real small and really break up the sausage. Ok?

Oh, one more tip, don’t add so much broth at the end.
Make this, then I’ll meet you at the bottom:

Ok.  Doesn’t that smell good! Aren’t you fancy, you made a ragu. That recipe is from Milk Street.

Now, assemble!

Now you have all the elements to build your masterpiece.

In a bowl, take the ricotta cheese (just figure out how much you’ll need for 2 layers.)  Probably a lot. Add a huge handful of mozzarella and then a bunch of parm and mix. Add a pinch of salt and pepper. In my next batch I think I will thin it out with an egg or some milk – easier to spread on the layers.

Spray whatever pan you are making this in with cooking spray and put a cup or so of marinara sauce in bottom.  Then add a layer of no cook noodles.  Just break them up to fit.  Don’t matter.  They can overlap.  Then spread a layer of ragu, then cheese, then noodles, then EITHER MORE RAGU, but if you feel it would be too much add a layer of marinara. Then cheese then noodles. You get the idea…

It’s your world, I’m just livin in it!

End with a layer of noodles, then sauce then cover with mozzarella. COVER IT UP!

Bake at 375 for 25 minutes, uncover and bake about 5 more then let rest on counter for 15.  

Pour yourself a glass of red, mix up a light salad and ENJOY!

Ps- freeze left over ragu to later put over toasted English muffins and top with cheese for lunch.  Or mix with some spaghetti.  

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