A Toasty Playlist indeed.

3 Oct

Fall has set in here in Wisconsin.

What a magical, wonderful place we live. The colors in the trees are changing daily – popping with vibrancy and vigor. Bright red, yellow and orange reminding us how brilliant and magnificent God is. How wondrous that man nor woman had absolutely nada, nothing, zip to do with this changing of the seasons. The temperature slides down to where there is just a whisper of summer left caught in the breeze (if you’re paying attention) and heated seats come on in the car.

This is when I start thinking of beef stroganoff (ROF has awesome recipe) and sipping Cabernet 🍷 by the fire. Or slow cooker wild rice soup 🍲 or make this, this or even ROF has a special martini recipe!

I want to be snuggled in a chunky, rolled neck sweater, black tights and kicky boots 👢. I’m so thankful for the hilly Wisconsin roads leading me past apple cider farms, corn mazes and Supper clubs with the waft of Friday Night fish fry in the crisp air.

So here is a wonderful, wonderful playlist. But this is what you must be doing whilst listening. You have to be in a toasty fall mood. You must be chill with yourself, loved one or friends. This is background music to listen to by the fire and maybe sipping a brandy old-fashioned. Go ahead, listen. It’s awesome for this season upon us 🍂!

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