5 lovely links (you’ll love!)

today is all about etsy.

i have to admit.  i’m slow to the etsy game.  some of you are reading this and what you’re thinking falls into two camps:

1. no duh, amy.  etsy has been around forever. get with the program. 


2. what the hell is etsy?  you’re pretty cool, amy, for finding all these neat things!

there is absolutely no reason to leave your computer – like ever.  this little gem of a website has pretty much everything you’d ever want.   here is just a small sampling of a Christmas list i’m putting together – everything you can get on etsy.com

link #1: this shop is called the big harumph and they’re out of witchita, kansas.  not only do i l-o-v-e the word “harumph” but i love everything they have in their shop.   i’m thinking of collecting all these “love” posters, framing them and putting them all over our bathroom wall so when ROF gets ready in the morning, he can read them.  i love this shop!

link #2: peggy wolf is a german living in london. her illustrations for sale on etsy here are so incredible.  strong images of women.  i simply love them.  i added her to my circle  that is etsy-talk, by the way.

link #3: (left) is this the cutest damn dog collar in the world?  if you don’t have a dog, i bet you want to go get one now just so he can wear this collar.  this shop on etsy, is out of chicago and it’s called sillybuddy.  link #4 (right) this store is called luciousart and he is also from chicago (no surprise, here).  he calls his shop vintage animal and city art.  this is an i love new york card.

link #5: alfredo is in tuscon and he is a designer and makes all these (tons) of clutches himself.  they are very colorful and fun.

hope you enjoyed the links today.  make it a good one-

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